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Live Lounge

A community resident created a tasteful cultural space for music lovers, to unite people while supporting creative pursuits.
Artist and DJ network
Entrepreneur Founder
Best backyard burgers
A little about this space

Step into a raw and rustic seaside venue, adorned with comforting textures, thrifted rugs, cushions, natural lamps, and handcrafted chairs, where a vibrant culture thrives. Embrace the open-plan layout that encourages creativity, allowing you to curate something special and intimate.

Nestled in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, this space isn't just a bohemian music restaurant by the sea—it's a sanctuary for a passionate global family connected by their love for music, good company, and the enchanting spirit of this magical island.

Immerse yourself in the inclusive ambiance that captures the laidback hippie vibe of Ibiza's golden days, while indulging in our diverse menu featuring vibrant flavours of Mediterranean cuisine crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

Prepare to be serenaded by the harmonious fusion of sounds crafted by innovative DJs, artists, and bands that resonate with the souls of its visitors.

Recommended formats

Business Events, Live Music Performance, Themed Parties, Food and Wine Tastings, Art Exhibitions, Yoga and Wellness, Weddings and Receptions, Corporate Days, Private Dinners


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Hour To

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Space for Learning, Art, & Community

Venue for a Celebration

Location for Wellness


Sea view beach access

Exclusive hire

Varying capacities - standing up to 100

Covered outdoor space

Space characteristics

DJ booth

Open all year

Humble feast & cocktail menu

For business or enquiries for something specific, get in touch!

Certain spaces intentionally remain unlisted to limit their exposure, making them ideal for specific purposes.

Custom Briefs & Enquiries

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