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About Blank Canvas Ibiza

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Facilitating Discovery of the Spaces of Ibiza

Hey there! I'm Emma.

Blank Canvas Ibiza began when I moved to Ibiza in 2022. While working in international events for global organisations, I noticed the absence of a single platform showcasing all the island's multipurpose and 'unexpected' spaces in one convenient place, which I have come across.


Ibiza encourages new concepts, creatives, businesses, and entrepreneurs from around the world to showcase their work. My aim is to channel this into a platform that facilitates the discovery of spaces for innovative endeavours.

With over a decade of experience in designing and producing international events, including working at a leading global innovation company and at prestigious event agencies. I specialise in turning visions into reality through events and productions.

If you're interested in working with me, book a free consultation call using the button below.

CV and portfolio are available
upon request!
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