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Fantasy Restaurant

Artistic space for expressive endeavours or an immersive experience in a creative playground for surrealist art, connection, and positive energy.
Outdoor space
Sea garden
Indoor setup
A little about this space

A whimsical beachside ground floor venue, featuring two intersectional open-plan rooms, an indoor and outdoor bar, and a sea garden, awaits you. Located right on the beachfront, it offers the perfect setting for hosting a true Ibiza experience in an artistic environment. Different cosy lounge areas invites guests to sit back, relax, and let conversations flow, with DIY colored furniture adding a touch of personal flair. This versatile blank canvas is ideally positioned next to the beach, ready to accommodate large groups.

The rooms are strategically positioned to allow for creative flow, enabling you to segment them into different areas for your event. This restaurant is well-known among locals for hosting alternative, fantasy, and ethereal events, drawing inspiration from the surreal art gallery featuring paintings and nature sculptures.

If you're imagining a genuine beach vibe, surrounded by lush greenery and shady trees, where conversations can flow freely, then this is the right venue for you.

Recommended formats

Beachside Wedding, Business Event, Artistic Workshop, Fantasy Themed Parties, Children's Party, Wellness Retreat, Reception, Live Music Event, Culinary Experience, Exhibition, Art Gallery, Private Celebration


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Space for Learning, Art, & Community

Venue for a Celebration


Sea Garden Beach Access

Capacity: Up to 500 standing guests.

AV & DJ Setup

Art Gallery

Space characteristics

Exclusive or Partial Hire

Wood pizza oven

Open All Year

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