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Theatre Multi-Level Location

Multi-Level location refurbished from a former zoo offers a versatile and picturesque experience with panoramic views.
Geometric light design
Concealed & self-contained indoor spaces
Multi-gardens expansive views
A little about this space

Romanesque/Mediterranean Inspired Theatre Multi-Level Location, refurbished in 2001, stands out as one of the few locations in Ibiza dedicated to events on the scale of a large club, specifically tailored for professional, corporate, and experiential use. What’s special about this space is its previous incarnation as a zoo, designed to be self-contained and capable of hosting large audiences while still providing a contained experience. Comprising four main rooms with a total capacity of 4,000 people, it is divided into:

Geometric outdoor auditorium and conjoined gardens: 2,000 for garden events / 4,000 for main stage events

Panoramic outdoor terrace: 400 for banquets / 400 for gala dinners / 100 for receptions

Concealed Indoor Space: 380 for banquets / 320 for cabaret / 240 for gala dinners / 800 for receptions / 1,000 for standing

Secret Clubroom: Accommodates 1,000 standing guests

Located just 30 minutes from the airport, in a neighbourhood close to San Antonio, nestled amidst farmlands, hills, and palm trees.

This multifaceted and multi-tiered indoor and outdoor facility offers options for exclusive or partial hire, with each space individually adaptable as a standalone venue.

Aesthetically, it reminds me of a Roman amphitheater with warm stone and thick walls. It is one of the most tastefully designed venues of its time on the island (in my opinion!), designed in tune with the positioning of the sun, particularly during golden hour, resulting in a warm and picturesque setting characterised by warm light, geometric canopy, and washed earthy materials and textures.

Recommended formats

Corporate Conferences, Business Events, Incentives, Product Launches, Gala Dinners, Weddings, Music Concerts, Festivals, Theater Performances, Art Exhibitions, Fashion Shows, Private Celebrations


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Hour To

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Venue for Business

Venue for a Celebration

More Than Just Events


Open all year

Indoor and outdoor Spaces

Exclusive or partial hire

Up to 4,000 pax

Space characteristics

Varying capacity rooms

Functional self-contained space

Theatre and multi-stages

For business or enquiries for something specific, get in touch!

Certain spaces intentionally remain unlisted to limit their exposure, making them ideal for specific purposes.

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