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Homemade Cafe

A locally owned, bohemian space where the owner takes pride in preparing homemade food for groups.
Open Kitchen
Space to Exhibit Products
Vegetarian Eatery
A little about this space

This is a cosy space ideal for intimate gatherings of up to 15 people. Featuring an open kitchen, it allows for demo-style cooking or workshops, providing a homely atmosphere, like a second home.

Nestled in a quiet neighbourhood near a charming town and coastal beach, it offers the potential to craft unique experiences around simple meals, alternative drinks, and snacks.

Collaborate with the owner, who is deeply passionate about wholesome and earthy cooking.

Recommended formats

Cooking Workshop, Intimate Dinner, Team Building Events, Private Celebration, Product Launch, Networking Event, Cooking Demonstration, Baby Shower, Group Meet Up, Pop-Up Event, Gallery, Exhibit


Hour From

Hour To

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Space for Learning, Art, & Community

Venue for a Celebration


Locally sourced produce

Vegetarian menu

Indoor cafe and outdoor space

Close to nearby town

Space characteristics

Community art space

Other Projects

Private Space

For business or enquiries for something specific, get in touch!

Certain spaces intentionally remain unlisted to limit their exposure, making them ideal for specific purposes.

Custom Briefs & Enquiries

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