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Ecological Centre

A modern, ecologically integrated infrastructure, this is an important cultural project for the island of Ibiza.
Auditorium Lecture Theatre
Exhibitor Foyer
Modern Meets Eco Design
A little about this space

This island project has not only sparked a cultural and social revolution throughout the entire municipality to which it belongs in the East of the island but has also made a significant impact on Ibiza's cultural offerings as a whole.

Designed as a multipurpose facility, it boasts a medium-capacity auditorium measuring 385 square meters with a seating capacity of 252, alongside a 250 m2 exhibition hall, media library, municipal offices, and various multipurpose rooms adaptable to a wide range of needs, from training sessions and conferences to small-format shows.

Beyond its functional versatility, the Center serves as a focal point of attraction.

Aesthetically, it presents a modern, ecologically integrated infrastructure that harmonizes with its surroundings. Its practical architecture eschews the linear and harsh qualities of concrete, opting instead for curves, angles, and splashes of colour that define a unique building.

It aspires to become a visual landmark within the panoramic view, not only through its integration and transitions but also through its organisation of the surrounding space.

Recommended formats

Conferences, Seminars, Trainings, Workshops, Community Events, Film Screenings, Lectures, Panel Discussions, Product Launches, Exhibitions, Charity Events, Fundraisers, Networking Events


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Corporate x Business Venue

Art Community Space

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Auditorium - 250 People Capacity

3 Meeting Rooms - 25/70/100 People Capacity

Exhibitor Foyer

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Curves, Angles and Colour

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