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Corporate Oasis

Withholding an entrepreneurial spirit, this open-plan space has multiple function and versatile rooms within a tranquil setting for ideas of any size.
Local network of partners
Close-knit team
Work & meeting space
A little about this space

Transform this versatile blank canvas into a purposefully designed hub for strategic business development. Since 2017, this 2,000 sqf professional co-working space has served as a haven for international remote workers and location-independent entrepreneurs. Nestled just outside Santa Gertrudis, it is set around a tropical garden, featuring a blend of spacious indoor and outdoor areas, along with several smaller meeting rooms.

Conveniently positioned along one of Ibiza's primary transportation routes, with direct access to the airport and Ibiza town, the venue offers easy accessibility. Situated a 10-minute drive from Santa Gertrudis, businesses can easily engage in off site activities. Furthermore, companies have the opportunity to host tailor-made retreats, providing dedicated workspaces, seminars, and accommodation for their teams.

Recommended formats

Business Retreats, Networking Events, Workshops, Seminars, Product Launches, Team Meetings, Training Sessions, Community Gatherings, Panel Discussions, Cinema Screenings, Co-working Days, Social Events


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Venue for Business

Space for Learning, Art, & Community

Location for Wellness


Exclusive or partial hire

Varying capacities - standing up to 500

Open all year

Conference facilities

Space characteristics

Record and podcast studio

Indoor and outdoor terraces

Work and meeting spaces

For business or enquiries for something specific, get in touch!

Certain spaces intentionally remain unlisted to limit their exposure, making them ideal for specific purposes.

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